Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A day at University Hospital

Today is my 4th visit to the Rheumatologist, long que as usual. I was expecting lots of ppl with their mask at the SLE clinic, but turn out only less than 5% did so. The flu is currently spreading and I think we have to take the precaution especially SLE patient due the their weaker immune system.

I waited for nearly 2 hours till my turn. Basicly this is just a follow up visit. I'm diagnose with rheumatoic arthritis which attack my left ankle. It had turn from bad to worse thru these years, and I currently cannot walk due to unbareble pain. I went thru 1 biopsy and 1 operation by the orthopedic, but was later refered to rheumatologist. They prescribe me with steroid and methotrexate. I'm not keen on the methotrexate, knowing that it actually suppress my immune system so that it will not attack the joint. Couple with lot's of side effect make me even worried. So I decided to take only the steroid injection to my ankle hopefully to reduce the inflammation. The doctor told me he is disappointed but respect my decision.

I wouldn't be seeing him until July, but still continue with physiotherapy. Hope to get away from crutchers and regain freedom soon.

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