Friday, June 26, 2009

Mummy's Birthday & Father's Day Celebration

Last Monday is a big day for our family as we celebrate both Mum birthday & Father's Day. We wanted to have the dinner on Sunday actually but the rooms in Jumbo Chinese Restaurant has been fully book. We needed the rooms so choice lar... postpone to Monday.

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Food of the day

the you understand why we need the rooms so badly

2nd session of the celebration is the cake cutting, my brother Yong made a durian cake speacially for mummy, taste yummy!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beware of this!!!

There's still a lot of irresponsible ppl trying to "steal" money from us, so beware!!!! Daddy receive this SMS , he did not apply or enter any competition organised by this company nor bought any of their product before. By the way, this company name does not exist, the actual name is Power Root (M) Sdn Bhd. Daddy do not have any friend with this number, so.......Who dare to call them?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Korean food in Sunway

Whenever we wanna have Korean food, this restaurant immediately comes to our mind - Woo Ga Choon. Though there is more choices at Ampang, but Sunway will be nearer for us. Lok has become Woo Ga Choon's big fans since introduced by a Korean friend.
What we like most is steam egg, grill sweet corn and a kimchi soup are free when you order 2 sets of BBQ. Couple with the variety of free flow appetizer........guarantee fullllllll!!!

more then 10 types of appetizer served

This 3 items are free when we order 2 sets of BBQ.

We order 1 beef and 1 Squid that day

A sweet ending

Friday, June 12, 2009

Everything sell at RM 5

Daiso Japanese Store open another outlet in IOI Mall Puchong. This is my 2nd visit to the store and I'm still crazy browsing through. They have quite a full range of item from Kitchen utensil, laundry, gardening, box, pets stuff, home DIY,nail arts and many more all selling for RM 5 each. Anyway not all the item worth that amount,most of the item are produce for Daiso in China.The quality are good though. Do check out the smart tips here before heading there for shopping. 

I really glad to find the felt fabric that I've long searching for. Besides, I also bought some rhinestones, nail arts item, stickers....all very cute!!!

After spending almost an hour there, I headed to ACE just next door, bought a drawer for my beads, now all my beading material can be well organised ;>

Kawaii !!

I was browsing through the web for some jewelry making raw material this morning, and I found this interesting video!! Food miniature especially cup cakes are the latest trend in jewelry and accessories making in Japan. Look at it, the icing and the deco on the miniature are so real and tempting, what else can I say....lovely!^-^"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Work Station, Hurray!!!

We just upgraded our work station with a new PC. Got it from Low Yat last Saturday, we were amazed to find that PC, laptop and other gadget are quite cheap now a days. We now have a 20" crystal bright LCD monitor, not really use to the elongated screen yet. Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 32oG HD, speed....err....forgotten...but consider real fast...hehe...full set at RM 1670 wit genuine Window Vista.
Lok bought a router earlier, but our home streamyx line down pulak since Sat, juz back to normal the day before yesterday. Thanks to Papa and Ah Yong who have helped us to install the router, seams ok, but unstable when we wanna have both PC and laptop online at the same time. Hmmm....what's the problem??? Still have to figure out.

Friday, June 5, 2009


习惯每年为好友露依丝买生日礼物而 shopping 。 今年 因为脚痛无法走路,这次可头痛了! 又想送个特别的······不如······自己 D·I·Y· 吧!为了这礼物在网上买了些亮钻 rhinestones, 开始将自己的小东西装饰一番。上手后昨天才敢在刚买的名片盒上贴上漂亮的钻。花了个晚上的时间,终于完成了!成品自己还挺满意, 希望她会喜欢。

今 天约了寿星女吃午餐, 特地到Kota Kemuning 的小当家吃水手面。这是个美容城, 结合了美容, 理发, 瑜伽 和 Cafe;是个很不错的消闲好地方。它家的水手面最出名, 看起来很像板面。但听说这面是在水里搓的, 所以比较滑, 口感不错。店里还有蛮多好吃的,全 都是店主精心调配, 以健康和有机为主。有机会一定要试试看喔!




水手面 close up



美女和美美 bling bling rhinestone, 正!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Photo link from . Click here to check out their site for more cool design!!!

These cupcakes are lovely, isn't it? Great as Father's Day present! Not sure since when, cupcakes has become a trend in pastry industry. It's currently booming and you can find more and more cupcakes cafe coming up. For those who prefers custom made, online stores are available too!!!! Pretty amazed by the creativity and the design possibilities of cupcakes. Click here to see the list of online shop in town.

收纳新 Idea

最近爱上了手工和串珠, 也买了蛮多珠子。同样是爱好者的一定也知道收纳这些小珠珠十分伤脑筋。 材料种类多而小, 有时候要找某样东西真的不容易。
昨天不小心被我看到一篇蛮有用的相关文章, 是位台湾串珠达人 Allen 分享的。原来可以这样收········ Allen老师 建议用的药盒, 在 The Curve 的 Daiso 可以买到;五令吉而已。看看以下照片, 我还加上了 labelling, 方便下次补货不会买错 size 和 colour。