Monday, July 27, 2009

Papa & Yong Birthday Celebration

Yeah! It's celebration after celebration, but this time is a organic fiesta specially dedicated to Papa & Yong. Pei, my sister was the chef of the day. Few of us blogger in the family just couldn't stop taking pictures of these yummy delicious food. Well, cause picture speaks a thousand words. Thanks a lot to my two sister whom were very busy in the kitchen that day, and all the effort they have put in to prepare this special meal. No deep fry, no big fish and meats, I would say this is the best home cook organic healthy meal I've ever have so far.

Steam potato with self blend special dressing

10 Happiness

This may look like meat chop, actually it's all vege.

Steam broccoli with different type of self blend dressing

That's not all, we then have a home baked mango cheese cakes for the cake cutting session. Look yummy right? can now order this cake online, not at Meloksplace but Lyra-patisserie. They have many more types and flavours to choose from.


看到一篇朋友传来的 email,觉得蛮有意思的。 文字虽然简单, 但它在我茫然无助时,确实提点了我, 在此与大家分享。


Saturday, July 25, 2009

A little update

It has been a while since Melok's last post on Fullhouse. Melok were very busy for the past two weeks. Wondering what Melok has been busy with?

1. Explored and tried out few good restaurant in KL area.
2. Celebrated daddy and Yong's birthday last week.
3. Watch Manchester United vs Malaysia football match at Stadium Bukit Jalil.
4. Found and addicted to a fairly new chattingsphere - You may find me here.
5. Getting lot's of updates of Melok's friend via the hottest community website - Facebook.
6. E-shopping, sometimes midnight shopping!!! Melok is not a shopaholic but loves to window
shop on the net. Mainly shop for beads, bling bling aka rhinestones and other raw material for
craft work.
7. Creating new handmade jewelry, and updating it on Melok's other blog: Molecule Handmade
Jewelry and Bling Deco.

Therefore, Melok will have more updates this few days with lot's of photos and nice eating place, stay tune ya!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Most of us may have heard about this lifestyle cafe - Full House, located at NZX Ara Damansara. Just last week alone, I've visited them twice. I must admit that I've truly fall in love with their Victorian style interior decorations and ambient, mainly in white. This cafe offer not only mouth watering food, but also a place for us to hang out and shopping too. No wonder their business is so good despite it's location that is a bit out of the way, to most of us staying in KL.

They really put a thought in their deco, amazing!

Walking up to the first floor....

While the ladies busy shopping....

and practicing their photography skill

Guys, you may sit down and enjoy the comic printed in their menu.

At the dining table

Totally relax with a cup of aromatic lavender tea

Enjoy the super saver set lunch

or A la carte
So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and families to check out the hottest hang out place in town today. Do click to their website for the location map before heading there.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Melok's Wedding 070707

Melok have come to the second year of marriage, wow.... how time flies. 2nd year also the cotton year, so.... what's the best present? according to traditional wedding, gifts such as towels, curtain, table cloth, bed spreads, blankets....etc etc anything related or made of cotton is recommended..... Too bad it's not diamonds yeah. Anyway, gifts are not that important compare to the loves and cares given to each other as husband and wife.

Looking back at our wedding day's video clips, brought back lots of sweet memories. We took almost a year to prepare for our big day, mainly due to the popularity of our wedding date. 070707, the perfect day to get married in the entire year 2007. We got advise from "Loh Tit Pat", the famous fortune teller in Petaling Street, and were given few dates to choose from. 070707 was choose because it's very easy to remember.

Like many new couples, we wanted the best for our wedding. After decided on this date, we immediately look for the right venue to held our wedding dinner. Most of the famous Chinese restaurant and hotels are fully book. Luckily we found one at last, The Legend Hotel. There are many criteria we look into before choosing it. Most important is a ballroom without column to accomodate 40 to 45 tables, with lot's of space and comfort for our guest. Second comes the stage which is grand enough for live ochestra performance. Third is the food, The Legend Hotels offers good chinese food which is consider one of the best among hotels in Kuala Lumpur. So for those getting marry soon, The Legend Hotel is highly recommended ya.

Next is the pre-wedding photos. We went and survey quite a number of wedding studio around KL and PJ area, can't decide which one to sign in. Most of them offers quite attractive package, finally we decided on Love Vision Wedding Studio. They were our choice because I like their photography style which is more artistic. We didn't had bad experience with their service either but did spent quite a lot of money on the photography.

We were officially registered on 13 Feb 2007 at Tien Hau Temple Marriage Registeration Office. Popular choice among the chinese in Klang Valley. Huh!! The registeration process was really fast, just 10 minutes per couple. I don't remember how many couples they can take per day, but their operating hour is from Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat until 12:30pm.

As mention due to this popular date, we need to confirm the booking for make up artise, photographer and videographer early. My sister AChia helps me a lot on this, thanks to her wide networking through the cybersphere. We have engaged Ian Chew to be our official photographer during that day, a young and dedicated chap. Do check out our photos at Not to forget another photographer Steward, thanks to his generous help too.

Following that, it was during the chinese new year we started to inform all the relatives and friends in order to prepare guest list for our wedding dinner. Those couples that had gone through certainly agree with me that this is the most headache part. We need to arange the seats for every guest, to make sure those from the same group of friends will sit at the same table. It's a long process as we need to confirm the attendance of every guest. Few of our guest have got more than one invitation on that day, many thanks to those whom have attended my wedding.

After all set and done, we were just waitng for our big day, "tick tack tick tack".....

Finally, the day we have been waiting for ...... We had a simple wedding ceremony, including chinese must have tea ceremony in the morning. Although we did not follow all the custom in chinese wedding , but certainly a simple and sweet day for us.

Wedding dinner was a bigger task for both of us. This is the first time we hosted a grand dinner function. Would like to take this opportunity to thank all our family members whom help us throughout the dinner, our parents, brothers and sisters - the ushers, AChia and my collegues on the guest registeration counter, Chun Kiat and Alana - the MC, Sixson - the one leg kick coordinators, Louise and Jocelyn - bridemaids...... last but not least.....all our honourable guest.

The end of our wedding dinner marks as the begining of our new journey . There will be more challenges, sweet and sour that we have to face together through our new chapter of life. This blog , Melok's Place will continue to be a place for us to express our feelings, sharing our joys and hapiness, things we have explore, places we go and many more ....

Monday, July 6, 2009


深夜两点多了,还不入睡吗?不是睡不着, 也不是在追港剧。 唉··· 自从当上博客后,同时也成为了夜猫一族。都怪自己年轻时(hmm··· 小女子现在还不是很老)没把电脑学好。 其实不只是如此,网路世界实在太多姿多彩。 从网上找资料, 购物 已是我生活不能缺少的。 如果不是博客,我也没机会重新学习写华文文章。 最近正努力研究网路生意, 希望能在这领域创出另个春天。

虽然现在只是刚开始的博客小店, 但相信只要继续努力和不放弃, 老天爷一定不会辜负有心人。呵呵··· 你说对吗?该睡了······

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Hair Cut

Tried to take a good picture of our new hair cut, this turn out to be the best portrait out of... countless!'s time to get a tripod.

New Kids On The Blog

Gosh!!! It's Friday again and 3rd day of July, means that we are already half way through 2009! 1 week has passed since Louise visit me, and I have not been updating my blog.

Hmmm.... let me see.... first of all , let's welcome ...... new kid on the Blog ...-Louisedancing. Louise, my best buddy drop by my house with her laptop last Friday. She wanted to learn more about how to use blogger. Hehee... can't call myself an expert yet, but I'm certainly more than happy to share my knowledge and experience.

I was like her 2 months back, started a blog but totally "blurr" on how to go about it. Thanks to Brother Chun Kiat, A Chia and Brian, my fellow mentors whom have given me great advise and guidance through my learning curves.

While Melok's Place remains as my personal, family & friends blog; I have now created a new blog for all my darling handmade jewelry - , click here to find out more.

There are a lot more to explore in this cyberspace. What's next? Twiteer...Myspace... Stumble Upon...