Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Empurau 忘不了

最近好像兴起吃河鱼的风潮,到处都看到河鱼专卖店。上两个星期看了南洋商报介绍河鱼之王- 忘不了,听说价钱非凡。前几天心血来潮就跑去位于大城堡的鱼王小厨见识见识。

果然......预料之中,一公斤的忘不了卖价马币六百元。点菜的伙计说 200g应该足够我们两个人吃,可是算起来还是有点吃不消,百多块只吃一小块的鱼肉。于是我们决定叫1kg RM80 的红尾虎, 大概半kg可以吃到饱饱,价钱还ok。

当侍应端出我们的鱼时, 竟然发现鱼变小了!因为我们都没吃过这种鱼,所以也吃不出到底对不对。之前点菜的伙计看看不对劲,还跑来问我们是不是换了忘不了。后来他查回单,才发现下错单了!我们这盘正就是忘不了!因为是他自己搞错,所以我们只需付红尾鱼的价。




72, Ground Floor,
Jalan Radin Tengah,
Sri Petaling,57000
Kuala Lumpur

各位乡亲父老,我就是河鱼之王 - 《忘不了》,做么我酱贵?不懂叻,可能我厉害游泳,人家都抓不到我,嘻嘻!

200g 的忘不了,煮出来就这么多而已


Monday, March 15, 2010

Dinner @ My Elephant

I was first introduced to this Thai restaurant few months back by a friend staying in Happy Mansion, Petaling Jaya. The food captured my taste buds and become my favourite Thai Restaurant in Klang Valley. Last Saturday, I make an efford to bring Lok there again.

The price of the food is above average, if we were to consider at the location of the restaurant. However it is similar to other well known Thai restaurant like Chakri Palace and Bangkok Jazz. The restaurant is cozy with nice ambient and can be clasify as fine dinning.

If you happen to be around PJ, section 17 during lunch hour, do drop by My Elephant as they have lunch value set meal which will save you some penny.

C-G-4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Section 17, Petaling Jaya

reservation: 6010 220 1283 (recomended on weekends as it's always fullhouse)

Tom Som with fish, best selling and it is not as spicy as tom yam.

Must try their green curry with chicken, not so spicy and very fullfilling; you'll definitely ask for more rice

Mix green, stir fry more than 10 variety of vegetable

Brown rice, RM3 per person and you can ask for refill

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tree of Life Pendant free tutorial

Tree of Life pendant is very popular among wire jewelry artist. I always wanted to make one for myself so I search in the web for available tutorial. Found this tutorial on YouTube, a video showing step by step on how to create a Tree of Life Pendant by Camille Sharon. It's pretty easy to follow as the she has capture the steps very clearly.

Now I have my very own of Tree of Life pendant following the video. I use 18g artistic wire for the frame and 26g for wrapping. Instead of round beads, I use turquoise chips.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colourful landmark at Pallivion KL.

DSLR has always been in our "To Have" list for sometime. Lok and I has been doing some research on which model to own. Lot's of people reccomend Canon, which is more user friendly for beginner like us. As we are not so familiar with Canon and Lok favour Nikon, which is consider more specialize in DSLR technology. Finally we got ourselves a DSLR last Christmas, a Nikon D300S.

On our visit to Pavillion KL for dinner last week, we managed to take some shoots of the glass sculpture at the main entrance. This is our very first DSLR and both of us has no experience and even knowledge on how to use it yet.Therefore, it will be our new toy yet to be explore for 2010.

The changes of colour at captured on the - Grand Bloom of Fulfillment.