Saturday, July 25, 2009

A little update

It has been a while since Melok's last post on Fullhouse. Melok were very busy for the past two weeks. Wondering what Melok has been busy with?

1. Explored and tried out few good restaurant in KL area.
2. Celebrated daddy and Yong's birthday last week.
3. Watch Manchester United vs Malaysia football match at Stadium Bukit Jalil.
4. Found and addicted to a fairly new chattingsphere - You may find me here.
5. Getting lot's of updates of Melok's friend via the hottest community website - Facebook.
6. E-shopping, sometimes midnight shopping!!! Melok is not a shopaholic but loves to window
shop on the net. Mainly shop for beads, bling bling aka rhinestones and other raw material for
craft work.
7. Creating new handmade jewelry, and updating it on Melok's other blog: Molecule Handmade
Jewelry and Bling Deco.

Therefore, Melok will have more updates this few days with lot's of photos and nice eating place, stay tune ya!

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