Monday, July 27, 2009

Papa & Yong Birthday Celebration

Yeah! It's celebration after celebration, but this time is a organic fiesta specially dedicated to Papa & Yong. Pei, my sister was the chef of the day. Few of us blogger in the family just couldn't stop taking pictures of these yummy delicious food. Well, cause picture speaks a thousand words. Thanks a lot to my two sister whom were very busy in the kitchen that day, and all the effort they have put in to prepare this special meal. No deep fry, no big fish and meats, I would say this is the best home cook organic healthy meal I've ever have so far.

Steam potato with self blend special dressing

10 Happiness

This may look like meat chop, actually it's all vege.

Steam broccoli with different type of self blend dressing

That's not all, we then have a home baked mango cheese cakes for the cake cutting session. Look yummy right? can now order this cake online, not at Meloksplace but Lyra-patisserie. They have many more types and flavours to choose from.


  1. Hi Melok! :)

    Great celebration! The food presentation looks good too... hehehe...

  2. Thanks Rachel, is all Soo Pei's effort n she puts a lot of love into it.