Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colourful landmark at Pallivion KL.

DSLR has always been in our "To Have" list for sometime. Lok and I has been doing some research on which model to own. Lot's of people reccomend Canon, which is more user friendly for beginner like us. As we are not so familiar with Canon and Lok favour Nikon, which is consider more specialize in DSLR technology. Finally we got ourselves a DSLR last Christmas, a Nikon D300S.

On our visit to Pavillion KL for dinner last week, we managed to take some shoots of the glass sculpture at the main entrance. This is our very first DSLR and both of us has no experience and even knowledge on how to use it yet.Therefore, it will be our new toy yet to be explore for 2010.

The changes of colour at captured on the - Grand Bloom of Fulfillment.

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