Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jyu Raku or Rakuzen?

Last week we wanted to have Japanese food for dinner. We went to our favorate Rakuzen at Subang Jaya, surprise to find out there's two different Japanese Restaurant located side by side. Jyu Raku is at Rakuzen original lot and Rakuzen has move to the next door. One guy came by and told us both are the same (staff of Rakuzen), that make us even confused. There's a banner in front of newly open Jyu Raku showing the Japanese Chef photo (he's the former chef of Rakuzen).
After a minutes of deep thought, haha... we choose Jyu Raku. Only later we found out from the waitress that this is a new restaurant open by Masami san( former chef of Rakuzen), no wonder everything look almost the same including the menu.
We ordered lot's of food that day, avocado seafood salada, chirashi don, sushi, grill cod fish.....and it is really fresh especially the sashimi. Really satisfying!
Shop add: 13, Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya, Selangor (oposite Subang Medical Centre)
Reservation Hotline: 03-5633 3819 ( they are always full house so better make reservation or go there early)

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