Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Bling Bling DIY

Wanna add glitters to dull looking things, and turn it into something unique with personality? Try add bling bling rhinestone to it. Just got the rhinestone from I bought from online last week, tried playing with it today. Here's how I DIY rhinestone decoration step by step. This is the first attempt on rhinestone, not that difficult, but definitely need to be very very....patient.

First of all, find the center point of the desired design and stick on the first rhinestone. I use E6000 glue, it dried very fast and really sticky. Try to get smaller tube, if possible, as it will be easier to manage.

A flat end picker is used to pick up the rhinestone one by one. Apply glue to it by using the tooth pick.

Then, press on the glued rhinestone to make sure it sticked well.

And finally.....the finish Bling Bling mirror! Not bad isn't it!